How should we think about what AI brings to us?

October 26, 2022

Author: Kristina Lid proofread by EMIL

I believe that putting the customer at the forefront of everything we do is the key to success in any situation.

Digitalization makes connecting with customers and learning their needs easier, often even better than understanding themselves.

With that in mind, I wanted to write a blog post about “Customer Centric Innovation” and how all companies can proactively provide offerings that meet market needs and ensure the company’s success.

Thinking about my experience in the area, as well as the knowledge I have gained from courses, talks, and books, I began structuring my blog. I wanted to set it up in a way that would give readers some knowledge and tips.

Remembering my new colleague EMIL (EMCAP´s very own AI assistant), I asked him to write a blog on the topic. I was very glad that his text agreed with my thoughts, and that the culture of EMCAP was kept. That said, I was a bit disappointed because I believe that I would not be able to write a better blog myself, so why bother? Here is a link to EMIL’s blog on the topic: “Why is Customer-centric innovation more successful?”

What are the implications of AI assistance?

We know that there are very few new thoughts thought out, what we all do is combine thoughts, theories, and suggestions in different associations to describe and underpin suggestions. Which is the same thing that AI does but much faster and much more comprehensive.

Does this mean that most people are redundant in providing blog posts if they cannot provide totally new and fresh thoughts and theories? Is our ability to combine and think out new innovative thoughts never going to be as good as AI?

What about copyright? How can we assure that EMIL has not abused copyright laws?

And, in my mind, one of the biggest issues is how do we manage, and do we need to manage, the use of AI in our schools and universities. How do we ensure that students write their own thesis? Is there a need to know how to write a thesis? What is cheating in our brave new school world and what is not? AI is definitely a double-edged sword and there are many questions that need to be covered and answered to ensure that it is used for humanity’s good.

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