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Digitalization and Digital Transformation

EMCAP Empowering Capabilities believes that sustainability is created when Execution, Digitalization and Transformation work together. In this training our EMCAP stars Christer Ohlsson, John Torgersson and Martin Rydman will give you a unique chance to get a condensed, focused and specialized training in what you need in your company to lead, structure and drive a digitally empowered organization. 

The training is open for participants from several companies together or as a company exclusive training customized for your needs.

Christer, John, and Martin have helped countless companies on their successful digital journeys. They will give you the entire picture covering the different aspects of digitalization's impact on leadership, decision making, strategies, digital infrastructure, and the company’s communication and marketing.

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Are you an Executive or a member of the Board or Management Team?
Do you want to lead and be secure in the ever-evolving digital era?

If so, this is the perfect training for you!

How can you become confident in leading a successful digital and data-driven company?
How can you embrace change and see it as tool for innovation and creativity?
What is the human perspective on digitalization and how do you ensure that EQ is as strong as IQ?
How can you build trust when you cannot trust anyone or anything?
How do you lead in an eco-system where the traditional structures no longer exist?
Do you want answers to above questions and many more?
We promise you will leave this training confident that you know what you should do in order to be competitive in an AI and data driven environment. You will have the tools to lead your company forward in the digital transformation.
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