Our combined experience gives you access to a super team.

Action Learning is the driving force behind our strategies. We learn about your company and the problems you face. Then we are able to take action and develop individuals, teams and organizations.

Our Founders


Senior Management Consultant and Founder
The fisherman's son from Öckerö who has made common sense his business idea. He believes that standing still is a dangerous strategy and makes growth strategies come true. Christer is a lecturer, coach and inspirer who helps you to create change in life by simple means. Christer has extensive experience of cultural development, leadership and business acumen. He is also coaching some of the Nordic region's most experienced leaders and that’s the role you will be able to meet him in at EMCAP.


CEO, Senior Management Consultant and Founder
The strategist who believes in the importance of making development a habit. John is the CEO of EMCAP and senior management consultant for our customers. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing companies, both internally and as an external consultant. He is a specialist in digital transformation together with business and process development to ensure that people and technology function in the organization. At EMCAP you will be able to meet him in the role of the senior management consultant.

Our Team

Martin Rydman

Senior Management Consultant 

Kristina Lid

Senior Management Consultant

Giacomo Bastreri

Senior Management Consultant

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We help you do more with fewer resources, through a process of helping you collect the perspective from 3 vital areas. We join the expertise of the CEO, the digitalization expert and the transformation expert.

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